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The New of Nostaligia

Art Nouveau style for New Wave fantasy. New Art - New Wave. Is that coincidence or symbolic design choice? Perhaps even a subconscious design choice, but there still is a deeper revelation to be extracted. This revelation illustrates an elegant tapestry woven with the principles of longevity and transition. Join me on the innocuous journey that lead me to their intertwined and paradoxical musings, where new inhabits nostalgia.

I had been hunting down an old short story I'd read as a kid, The Lamia and Lord Cromis. It was mixed in with other short stories from more well known authors like Ursala K Le Guin and R. A. Lafferty, but this one story just burrowed in and nestled in my young mind. I could still smell the metallic odors of the iridescent bog and hear the insects with too many legs drone as Lord Cromis trekked through the Lamia's domain. So I sought to revisit the tale in Basilisk, but found I could purchase a greater collection of short stories all by M John Harrison, f…

The Return of Rolecasters?

I 've been musing about podcast ideas and possibly reviving Rolecasters. I'd want completely overhauled setup, objectives, direction, and content matter. So once all of those fall into place, I guess we'll see if the name "Rolecasters" still fits. My dedicated co host has moved on to other endeavors, but has pledged her support as long as she doesn't have to do anything. Honestly I've missed the weekly+ shows and all the great friends made along the journey. The rate at which we produced content back then would sink my currently running projects, so if there were a return it would be with a more leisurely cadence, especially since it would be now be a solo project on my part.

While I continue to mull over the prospects, I thought it would be appropriate to share an almost decade long cherished podcast, Mysterious Universe. Their focus has always been on entertaining storytelling and, upon reflection, the majority of tales told are incredibly pulp. Altern…

Pulp Awakenings

I came across the perfect analogy of my own pulp awakening in John C Wright's foreword to Jeffro Johnson's Appendix N: The Literary History of Dungeons & Dragons.

"Imagine if you had lived in a house for decades, as had your father before you, and grandfather, and you thought you knew all its halls and chambers. Idly, some rainy day, or when the snow has covered all the roads, you take up a lantern and go to see what is stored in those old boxes in the cellar, or where that one small door you never opened before leads. You pry the door open, and it groans on rusted hinges, and beyond are caves of wonder, heaped with treasure. Here, like a column of fire, stands a strange genii and other spirits bound to serve your family. They are willing to carry you whirling through the air like an autumn leaf, in less time than it takes to gasp in awe, to far and fabled lands beyond the cerulean ocean, to elfish gardens of dangerous glamor, to jeweled mountains, alabaster cities, o…